This package has been added by the Forex Paramount for the clients who demand for high accurate signals to get higher profit on daily & weekly basis. In this service we provide Intraday signals, Swing trading calls and short term signals to get maximum profit from Forex trading. This service is highly customized services for the traders who wants to trade on maximum number of calls per day. This package is specially designed for the HNI (High Net worth Individual) traders who keeps a big portfolio for trading amount and looking for higher care for their portfolio.

Personalized Service : For providing high care to the clients portfolio the clients profile directly assigned to a currency Research Analyst to take care of the fund in much better way. Currency analyst provide the signals as per the requirement of the clients. In this service as clients profile are under direct observation of the currency analyst it results in a faster and real time updates on the trading signals also.

Services suitable for clients

  • Who has investment above USD 1000.
  • Trader who can trade maximum 1 to 2 signals daily basis.
  • Clients looking for higher return and keeps high risk appetite.
  • Looking for customized services as per their trading style.
  • Trade with high volume and looking for opportunity to make profit in maximum number of calls.

Service feature includes

  • Signals will be generated as per the clients trading style and requirement.
  • Signals can be given on the favorite pairs clients want to trade.
  • Personal currency analyst appointed for handling the portfolio for higher care of the fund.
  • Full customized services is provided to clients as per the demand.
  • Higher priority is given to clients who are in premium service.
  • Faster Trading calls and follow-up through Whatsapp, Skype and Call by currency Analyst.
  • Better money management by currency analyst.
  • Maximum profit delivered through swing trading calls.
  • Number of signals and duration will be dependent on market movements and opportunity.
  • Direct advise from the currency analyst on old negative open position for averaging.
  • Sharing of world market news and data which affect currencies movements.

Strategies client need to follow

  • Maintain minimum investment USD 1000.
  • Compulsory trade in all the calls.
  • Trade as per the given Entry Points
  • Strictly follow the stop loss in each call.

Sample call

  • COMEX HNI CALL : BUY LIMIT GOLD @ 1616.50 TAKE PROFIT 1626.50 SL 1606.50

Follow Ups


3 Months

USD 1599

6 Months

USD 2799

12 Months

USD 4599
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